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Sunday, 28 April 2013

An Ingredient; Course Tip

Let's get this out of the way, no I'm not a touring professional, yes I am 16 from Dublin Ireland and trying to get better and maybe on the way I've picked up some useful tips and I thought I'd share.

A key Ingredient to shooting your personal best.

Have you ever gone to the course with 20 minutes to spare and you quickly warm up and get ready, tee off while forgetting to buy your chocolate bar or drink. Then realise half way down the 14th hole when you start feeling hungry and know there's nothing you can do about it? Yeah it happens a lot.

Next Saturday prepare some food for yourself to have on the course the next day. Yes it takes getting used to, eating on the course but your body and your game will thank you.

First timers go with;
Cashew Nuts
A Banana
Peanut Butter Sandwich, brown bread
And Turkey slices.

And don't forget those two bottles of water!!

Thank me when you lower your scores.

Edward Kennedy

Twitter - @_EdwardKennedy

Ucd V Shelbourne; use or lose

The college go into next Fridays (May 3rd) crunch relegation decider on a high having just come though Shamrock Rovers with three points. Bumping them above Shelbourne and Bray, having played ten games.

Shelbourne sit at the bottom of the league on three points having having drawn against S'Rovers, Cork and Limerick.

In order for the Students to leave Tolka Park with three points they will have to improve their quality of ball retention in midfield.

Center Midfielder Robbie Creevy is essential in that inexperienced section of the pitch, a stunning performance against Bray Wanderers left the fans in aw of his untapped potential. New signing Craig Walsh or 'Footballs next star' has produced performances worthy of his first team pick. His work rate against S'Rovers was excellent.

Shelbourne have a big problem at the back with the second highest goal coinciding tally. At -16 UCD are at -14. Having a clean picked up a clean sheet away to limerick it may be the start of a run of performances worthy of getting out of the drop zone.

Shelbourne are going to have to improve their discipline against the students as loosing a man early, or late like they did against limerick would prove more costly as UCD have more attacking prowess once on a run of form.

Shelbourne have only scored three goals through nine games and it is clear to say the team is not a well working cog just yet. Couple the lack of goals with a defence getting walked around you have a recipe for disaster. Keeping teams at bay has been impossible for them,  coinciding more than once on five occasions.

My prediction, shelbourne to make defencive errors but to have more strength and experience in the midfield over the students,
UCD will probably have Dean Clarke assisting David McMillan up front having put in a stormer coming on against S'Rovers.

Ht; UCD 0 Shelbourne 1
Ft; UCD 2 Shelbourne 1

Edward Kennedy

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