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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Look At What Success Could Get You: Ian Poulter

Everyone knows the money in golf is outrageous, Million's can be won on the PGA tour by just playing consistently well over a couple of weeks. Getting to this level however is not so easy, and many try and succeed. But most fail.

All competitive golfers begin their careers dreaming of the riches, seeing those extra 000's after each paycheck the further they progress. And does this happen, the answer is yes. In this case I am using Mr. Ryder Cup, Ian James Poulter > Ian James Poulter. 

Most of us golfing fanatics know his story. Some don't.
Turned pro at 4 handicap,
Began as a club pro, Various tour school's, Yada yada Yada. 
Worldwide, household name. 

I am of course not here to tell you about his success', just to show you them. Courtesy of his frequently updated Twitter Page. To me the money to be made is unimaginable. Just think that if you have the potential to become a touring professional and don't follow up on that potential, the life you could be missing out on could be one like Ian's. Enough talk let's get to the hard evidence.  

Ian's house is situated 1 minute walk from a top class golf course, That facility is exceptional to have.
The Outside Of Ian Poulter's House  

This multi-million dollar house would be exactly what i would imagine a house of a touring golfer. Better than yours?


But when it rains, and it can happen you will always have your indoor golf simulator with all the technology you need to practise in the rain or just when you don't want to walk out of your house. 

And don't forget the other perks of being a touring professional, the quality time you can spend with your family during the off-season and break weeks during the year. Most likely more than if you end up working in an office, 9am - 5pm. Not Fun.

I hope that showing you these picture's of the life of a touring professional will spur you on in some way, be it, committing more, dieting better, practising longer because this life isn't just for the "Talented" ones. It's available for anyone who work's hard enough to earn it.

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Edward Kennedy.

Friday, 28 December 2012

WozzIlroy engagement outbreak

Rumors have been splashed across the web, that the World's champion golfer and the former world number one have decided to tie the knot and come together to be wed and make one of the worlds highest profile newly wed's.


 Wozniaki showed up to her first tournament of the 2013 season with a diamond encrusted ring on her left ring finger. I know, crazy isn't it. However she did take it off while on court. 

This engagement would make sense considering the two put their money together and just bought a luxury 6 bed in the united states beside a golf course < Take a look through this link . >

All news at this moment is speculation but it would be nice to see a WozzIlroy marriage sometime soon. 

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Be sure to watch this progress.

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Edward kennedy.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Simon Christmas Charity Pro-Am

On Friday (28th) their will be a charity pro-am in Galway Bay golf club in aid of the Galway Simon  Community. Former west champion Joe Lyons will be playing alongside some old buddies as the tournament is held for the third year in succession. The Simon Community work tirelessly to fight the problem of homelessness across the island of Ireland. A very worthy cause for any man or women to donate to.

Galway based Web design and marketing company Six Degrees are the head sponsors for the charity pro-am. Their will be hit competition for the "Pro's prize" Damien Glynn will be hoping to retain his trophy that he won here last year.

A fun tournament for an exceptionally good cause. In this words of Simon themselves,
' It's Never A Choice '

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pick of the day : every day

Happy holidays from The It's There To Be Hit team.

Today is a public holiday so the general public can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas brings families together and makes people feel an appreciative feeling.

Don't get me wrong, I love the presents but I do like that I still know what they are representing. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and I hope you truly have a wonderful new years!!

All the best from jack Flynn and page CEO Edward Kennedy

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Blast From The Past:

David O' Leary, Ireland v Romania, World Cup Quarter Final 1990

Ireland and Romania ended 0-0 after extra-time, despite the best efforts of Romania’s star player Gheorge Hagi, it went to penalties. 
Each of the team’s six penalties were scored until Daniel Timofte’s was saved. Ireland just needed to score their next penalty – the man to take it was 32-year old center-half David O’Leary. 

Not a typical penalty-taker and a man who had been in the international wilderness after a fight with Jack Charlton early on his tenure as Ireland boss.

RTE commentator put it perfectly as O’Leary stepped up “A nation holds it breath…”

He scored. People flooded out to the streets in Dublin, buses stopped, grown men cried – Ireland had reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

It ended there, as Toto Schillaci put Ireland out in the next stage.

That didn't matter though, following football can be agonising at times ,but everyone sticks with it and dreams about that one moment that can happen every 50 years.

It's worth the wait because whoever has watched David O' Leary slot his penalty will remember it for the rest of their lives.

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Blast from the past comes from +Jack Flynn An Irish football fanatic.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

McIlroy Closes in on State-Side Pad

Early Christmas Present

Rory McIlroy is in search of a state-side pad.

Jeff Lichtenstein has reported that a one Rory McIlroy has nearly completed a purchase in the Palm Beach Florida area. 
This would be a nice Christmas present for himself considering how hard he has worked this past season. McIlroy's net worth is projected to finish at 20 million by the end of the year. 

Rory is hoping to grab the house for the hefty price of 9.5 Million to close out this wonderful year. 
It may seem like a bargain, but the current owner only payed 7 million to build the mansion. So he has done well to turn such a lovely profit even in this harsh economic climate. 

This home will provide McIlroy with a place to chill out during the off season and really begin to enjoy the perks of being the number 1 golfer in the world.

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Edward Kennedy

Friday, 21 December 2012

How To Practice At Home:

Tough Times

Practicing over the Winter time, we have all tried at one stage some succeeding more than others. This is due to a number of factors, Mental toughness to continue the golfing season from a summer long game into a winter long struggle. Some people just can't see the benefit of winter practice and some can. The winter is tough for golfing lover's especially ones who are living in colder parts of the world. 

Their's one huge factor that comes into winter practice and the need for it in my opinion. If you have ever broken a part of your body that prevented you from playing golf you know how difficult it is to get back to the level you were at before the break. The winter time is effectively September to early February so five months in all. If you as a golfer do not stay in touch with the practice range or your golf courses' putting green you will definitely find it difficult to get your touch back again. This is the main thing I believe why there is a need for winter practice, just to stay in touch.

But what about when the ranges are closed or the course facilities have been abandoned due to unplayable weather, what will you do that day? Any Ideas? No? Well don't worry I have some.

The Good Ole trusty putting practice. This is as you would imagine, putting practice. More working on your posture and stroke than actually mentally getting the ball in the hole. This practice method requires a putter of users preference, A golf ball and a wall. 

*Stand with your head placed on the wall, go into a putting posture with your crown of your head still on the wall and place a golf ball under your left eye. Drop the ball vertically downwards from under your eye and be sure to note where it falls. From now on, this is where your ball goes when putting. Grab your putter and hold the toe of the putter an inch or two away from the board, now swing the putter with your shoulders and watch your stroke and posture improve with every movement.

*A home Gym: I'm sure you all would love one but some of us are unfortunate enough not to have that facility. So what can we do? Make a good area in your house (Most use their living room) And get ready to get sweaty!! Working your Chest and Back. Just listen. I will give you a routine to do, taken from Link Here

*Do side to side push up's 10 reps. Do as quick or slow as you like, It's not how fast you can do it, it's if you did it.

*Then Dumbbell fly's, These are done with a dumbbell in each hand (any manageable weight) lay on your back and flatten out your arms. Then pull your arms up and over your head. 10 reps.

*With the same dumbbells do 10 reps of bent arm side laterals. 10 dumbbell front raises (to ceiling) Your going to really feel it now!

*And finish off with 10 reps of dumbbell good morning's.

Check all these exercise's on YouTube.

And the most important thing to do for winter training is to watch what you eat. Physical health makes such a difference to your confidence come Summer time and this will definitely leak into your golf game. Stay healthy guys!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day

I don't Enjoy writing about the end of the world.
That is all for today's Pick Of The Day: Every Day.
Edward Kennedy,

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

LOI Fixtures Released

Today the Fai have released the upcoming fixture lists' ahead of the 2013 Airtictiy sponsored season.

The holding champions begin their campaign on the 8th of March as all tems do.
The obvious game to be aware of for all neutral fans is Sligo Rovers V Derry City as Sligo head to the Brandywell to face of against the current Fai Ford Cup holders.
 Please go into this link to take a look through the website of

Sponsors 2013

All teams will hope for the wonder start to their season, but dont forget the league season is 33 game's long so don't I hope no team will be sacking their manager after 5 games!!League Fixtures 2013 Click Here

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day

Monty to be in the class of 2013 hall of fame inductees

Colin Montgomerie has been named as one of four "seasoned" golfing professionals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2013. 
The other's include Fred Couples, Ken Venturi, Willie Park Jr. and Ken Schofield. 

Montgomerie's position was announced by George O' Grady, The European Tour Chief Executive and Peter Jack, The Hall Of Fame Chief Operating Officer.

Colin Mongomerie had one of the most exceptional playing records. Colin was unstoppable in Europe for about a decade from the early 1990's to the early 2000's winning on 31 time's in his career in Europe, which is a record by any British player. He has won 40 times worldwide. 

However, unfortunately he was not able to add the coveted major trophy to his list off success', Though he did have his chances' coming second 5 times, but let's not let that get us down.

He has won an unprecedented 8 European Order Of Merits, with a string of seven consecutively 1993-1999.  And even got to number two in the world at one stage. But the fact that you would imagine he hold's closest to his heart is his Ryder Cup record. He has been on eight side's and has NEVER lost a single's match. His record stand's at 20-9-7 coming in just 1.5 point's behind overall leader Nick Faldo. 

Montgomerie was also granted an OBE for his work in developing the game and representing his native Scotland to the highest level. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

The League Of Ireland: In Search Of Fans

                                                 League Of Ireland Fans Know Struggling 

Here we go, the most talked about topic in Irish football and I know you may have read something like this article before but this is from a different view. I am going to tell you about what a small group of fans in south county Dublin are doing to bring their clubs' reputation up to the level it deserves to be at.

UCD AFC is this club in South Dublin. They work in full conjunction with the University. The Uni. feeds players who receive scholarship's to the club then give them top flight experience during their college years and develop them to a standard needed to progress in the footballing world.
UCD are always a young team with little to no experience however under Martin Russel they play a kind of Brendan Rogers' Swansea style game.

 That is attractive but is not enough to get the crowds' like the other teams do. So as a result, and the main reason I am writing this today is to tell you what the supporters of the club are doing. Yes, the "Supporters".

It has been pitched to some of the fans to create leaflets to advertise the UCD AFC cause to help the club get back to the golden days when hundreds of students and the general population would flock to Belfield and watch the students take on the best that the Irish game has to offer.
The supporters will be mainly trying to entice the foreign population of South Dublin. They will be trying to bring them back to their footy routes as moving over here would have dragged them away from their local or national clubs.

 A valiant idea and should be looked very well upon by other supporters of smaller or bigger clubs alike. Hopefully something like this even though still only in the idea stage could spark a revolution in the fan bases' that attend each and every game, home or away.

"The devoted fan."

And even if this fails miserably and it may yet, if they can appeal to one person, one person is all it takes to create that snowballing effect that could really help the league and especially team's like UCD AFC.

For example, in August of 2012 UCD played their geographical rivals Bray Wanderers in "so so" conditions weather wise and the turn out for this game which always delivers goals played in front of 313 fans' total.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blast From The Past:

Starting today, Every Sunday here at It's There To Be Hit will be Posting a,

"Blast From The Past"

This will be a post regarding a moment that has left an impact in Irish football and possibly our country. Firstly, To start it off we will be telling you about  one of the defining moments from the glorious career of a Mr. Ray Houghtan,

'Who put the ball in the English net?'

Ray Houghton, Ireland v England, Stuttgart, 1988
It was Ireland's first ever match at a major tournament and of course, it was against the old enemy, England. Lucky, Fortunate, Written in the Stars, call it what you want but Ray Houghton's looping header into the far corner of the net was a thing of beauty for every Irish supporter.

Ireland were expected to take a battering from an English side that would put today's to shame. Lineker, Barnes, Robson and Beardsley were all on the field that day and they probably deserved to win having dominated the game but the luckily for the Irish it still ended 1-0 with Houghton's early goal.

Given the nature of the opposition and the fact that the win was probably the beginning of Irish soccer means that this game will always live in the memory of all who watch, play, or think about Irish football. 

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Written predominantly by Jack Flynn Irish football fanatic.

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Edward Kennedy 
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Pick Of The Day: Every Day

As some of you may have known, in the morning the Club World Cup took place in Japan.
It was played between European side Chelsea and South American side Cortinthians.

Corinthians took the Club World Cup trophy beating Chelsea 1-0

The Club World Cup has now been won by Corinthians twice, 12 years after their maiden victory in Brazil in the year 2000. Corinthians finished strongly and didn't tire to the extent that we all imagined,  finishing a long league season with over 38 games.

The game itself was a very patient and neither wated to give the other too much space to manouver,howver it did open up nicely in the second half. With flashes of briliance from both sides but the finishing was not up to the standerd of the sides' usual level. Chances were created by long'ish period's of passing and build up play.

Chelsea were dominated down the right hand side with Emerson really doing some nice 1-2's with Danilo to get around Ivanovic and make some good field position to cross the ball into the goal scorer Guerrero (70 mins). And that's what made it happen.

Emerson cut inside after some favourable bounces of the ball, took a shot which was deflected up by Cahill and Guerrero was quickest to react heading the ball into the back ouf the net from 5 yards out.

Fernando Torres, the clinical top form Spanish striker had the ball fall to his feet 8 yards out with the goal keeper to beat who was just off his line and suprisingly enough failed to finish it in the 86th minute. Shocked aren't you.

This marks the full revival of Corinthians, now the richest club in Brazil who have come back from relagation in 2007. To reach the levels they hoped of re-achieving.

For you who dont know, Corinthians have had some of the world's top players come through the club.
Players like Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rivaldo, and Deco to name but a few.

The winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze ball's were;
Bronze - Goal scorer Guerrero
Silver - David Luiz
Gold - Goal keeper and saviour Cassio

It seemed to me that the Chelsea players didn't care at all as much as the Corinhians' while the match was being played. But once the final whistle blew it showed us that the brazilian players like Luiz couldn't have wanted it more. As he broke into a waterfall of tears just minutes after the final whistle.

It was decided by the referee to really halt any chance Chelsea had to win by sending off Gary Cahill for an off the ball incident that left the viewers and commentators shocked. As the referee was so lenient for the whole game before leading up to this. This happend just minutes after Torres' goal was disallowed due to an off-side.

Corinthians now join Barcalona of Spain to be the only two to have won the trophy on two seperate occasions.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day


The Pick Of The Day today comes from the wonderful world of Football. 
Soccer for you American folk. 

Let's get right into it. 
The second most contested trophy in South American football (The Copa Sudamericana) was won by Sao Paulo. And here's you thinking "What's so special about that, they are a quality side" and my answer, Let me finish.

The opposing team Tigre "lost" this final in rather unusual circumstances if you are accustomed to following the EPL. The team refused to take their place on the pitch for the second half following scuffles between players as they were walking to their dressing room for the half-time break.
Harmless enough one may think, But the real news is of what took place during the half-time interval.

The players of Tigre claimed that they were "Beaten" by security officials and had guns pointed towards them by these security officials for all the wrong reason's. Not to protect, but to harm. As a threat.
Player Sergio Massa,

"When we went into the dressing room after the first half, there were 15 security people they began to hit us."

Tigre coach Nestor Gorosito said,

"During the break, A big guy came in with a gun"
Not a situation that professional footballers should ever be in. As a result of not being willing to play the second half, Tigre gave the game to Sao Paulo (Being already 2-0 down) And Sao Paulo accepted the trophy in a formal presentation as always.

This recent event has sparked a MASSIVE debate whether the safety of the players can be controlled when the 2014 World Cup comes to Brazil as the South American does have a reputation of violence within the fan bases'.

A funny course of events but serious nonetheless.
Stay Golden, 

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day


Well of course today is a special day, Being it 12/12/12 and of course the last time a repeat of numbers can ever happen on the Roman calendar. As of course next year will be 2013.
Meaning there is not enough months to cover the number. 13.
Lucky for some, the opposite for the rest.

However, being this a sporty blog, this is not the pick of the day for 12/12/12.
It is, infact the appointing of Mr. Tom Watson as Ryder Cup captain for 2014 on the United States' side for Gleneagles. The man has a very respectable Ryder Cup record with  10-4-1, and a  .70% conversion rate for points.
Aside from the fact we know he loves the Ryder Cup and has played magnificatly well at stages during his time as a competitive player, we must be sceptical and look at the pro's and con's to having him as the upcoming Captain.

Firstly he is, 63 years old and will be the USAs' oldest captain. And I know they say age is just a number but with the way the tournament is played at nowadays I'm not too sure if he can with-stand the pace.
Although he does have experience on his side. As did Davis Love 111 but of course he falterd at the fininshing line albeit to an exquisite comeback by Team Europe. Watson with the age barrier between himself and the players might have trouble gelling the team together in wake of the coming 2014 Ryder Cup. Although he does bring more Leadership and Inspiration qualities to the table than Davis.

In light of the recent occurance of events, it has sparked a bit of a Twitter frenzy,
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Keegan Bradley has come out and said,
"All this Ryder Cup talk is getting me excited. Can we play now??!!!! "

Then, the Number 1 player in the world Rory McIlroy responded,
"You wanna get beaten again already!?"
 There seems to be a very healthy competitive edge to these already successful young players careers. And this will only get stronger coming closer to due date.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Make Or Break: The Final Q School Graduates

E.K 4/12/12

Now that the drama from the 6th round of qualifying from Pga West, The stadium course is done we can all look at the schools' graduates and devouer into their previous success' and missfortunes.
Well, firstly 25 men and 1 teen made the final cut mark to gain their tour card for next season.
The names of the successful players in order of final position :

Dong-hwan Lee 
Ross Fisher Ross Fishers' Official Page
Steve LeBrun  Follow Him On Twitter HERE
Richard H. Lee His Twitter Page Link Here
Billy Horschel Twitter Page
Kris Blanks Twitter Page
Erik Compton Tweet Him Now
Brad Fritsch Officail Twitter
Jin Park  
Fabian Gomez Find Out More About Him
Michael Letzig Interview With Himself
Jeff Gove
Steven Bowditch What he thinks about Q School
Matt Jones
Robert Karlsson Robert Karlsson
Eric Meierdierks 
Scott Langley Info On Him Here
Aaron Watkins His Profile
Derek Ernst   
Si Woo Kim (17)
Tag Ridings  
Donald Constable 
Bobby Gates See his recent Results here
Patrick Reed 
Henrik Norlander
Chez Reavie Tee To Green

Only one man from the 26 who got their card is a member of the winners' circle from a previous season on tour and that is the man at the bottom of that list  Chez Reavie. Winner of the 2008 RBC Canadian Open.
A player who has proven himself a valid tour member but fell to 135 on the money list meaning it was Q School for him.

Three players have not actually gracced the hallowed fairways of the Pga Tour as of yet.
Donald Constable Henrik Norlander and Si Woo Kim. These three will find it most difficult coming into their first season on Tour and they will have to learn from their experienced friends on tour how to manage themselves and strive in the harse enviroment that is the Pga Tour.
The life of a Pga Tour rookie, easy or hard? Click Here to look into

Another two players have experienced the system however only on one occassion, that is,
 Derek Ernst and Eric Meierdierks. They along with  Steve LeBrun and  Brad Fritsch are very in-experienced with less than 5 Pga Tour starts before gaining their respective cards.

We have Two Ryder Cuppers in the graduate line in Ross Fisher who went 2-2-0 in his Ryder Cup start in the victorious European team of 2010 in Celtic Manor.  A house-hold name in Europe trying to make his way into the Pga tour ranks to develop his game. And, Robert Karlsson a big Sweed who was the eleventh man on the 2006 and 2008 side. His results were 0-1-2 gaining 1 piont in 2006 and in 2008 he went 1-1-2 gaining two points.

The remaining qualifiers have all qualified on the Pga tour before with four players:
Robert Karlsson,Kris Blanks, Jeff Gove and  Matt Jones.
Making over 100 Tour startin their carears to date.

 Michael Letzig has made 97 starts and has played very well on the tour in the past season with
14 cuts made out of 25. A very respectable result due to the high quality of golf being played week in week out.

That brings an end to the Q School Graduate list from 2012 and the final time this format will ever be used.
Watch out for these names this season and find out how hard or easy it is on tour once you gain your card.

Edward Kennedy,
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Make Or Break: Keegan Bradley



It has been confirmed this week that in three years the R&A and the USGA will have anchoring of the putter banned.

Hot on this topic is Keegan Bradley. A a top notch Pga Tour proffessional who has been using an anchored  long putter ever since his early college days and has never looked back.
The up~coming banning of  anchoring is a Make or Break moment in his early career as it will take him a time to become used to a non anchored putter.

Keegan shot into the limelight by winning his rookie major attempt at the Pga Championship and looked comfortable in doing so, holeing key putts coming down the stretch.

It my be three years away yet until the official banning but some golf fans have gone as far as labeling him a cheater for his continuous use of the anchored putter. In my opinion he is not cheating and for someone to say to a professional player from the safety of the crowd that he Is a cheater is disgraceful.

Let me give you available example of how the majority of playing amateurs 'cheated' at one stage a couple of years ago.

The professional governing bodies banned the use of a certain type of groove used by the pros that were in the Titleist Vokey wedge. So all wedges were changed to accommodate the new ruling however amateurs were not in a situation to come into contact with these new conforming grooves, so they just continued on using their old non conforming grooves that were to be banned for amateurs in 2014.

This is the exit same thing, Bradley is continuing to use his club that is not officially banned but that is just looked down opon, same as myself continuing to use the old grooves on my club that were not yet bobbed but were looked down opon by the Governing Bodies.

Personal I believe it will slightly halt his career when the time comes but I believe he is strong minded enough to overcome this tough time in his career as is the situation with many others.

Keegan came second too Greame McDowell on the weekend using the anchored putter showing that even in the time when it is to be banned Bradley takes no notice of it.

Edward Kennedy

Monday, 26 November 2012

Make Or Break: A Look Ahead To 2013 Rory McIlroy



This past Sunday
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Rory McIlroy wrapped up the DP championship by playing consistently well over the four day event. We watched him strike the ball excellently on the final day, Especially over the last 5 holes, Where he finished birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie to take it by one over Justin Rose.
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That win ensured that he will finish the season with a whopping 5 victories including a Pga Championship and two Fed-Ex cup playoffs at the Deutsche Bank and the BMW Championship.
While being in the company of the world's top golfers asserting his dominance over any field at this time.

You may not believe, but looking back at his results shows room to improve. He said in Duabi.
 "I want to better my results next season, one major to two, five wins to six and so on"
With three missed cuts on the PGA Tour this season such as one in a Major (Us. Open) And one at the headline event, The Players Championship their is definate room to improve.

A Make Or Break moment for McIlroys next season, would firstly  be winning a major. This would make it a respectable season no matter what happens after that, although he is expected to preform in these tournaments.
  It is nearly impossible to reach the highs of his previous season as anything other than winning the double order of merit title again would be looked at as a lack of succes. And with that, the fact he would have not won the same number of tournaments as he did this season.

If I was in McIlroy's shoes, One of my main goal's would be win the Fed-Ex cup on the Western Side of the Atlantic as with that comes $10,000,000 So that is an enticing number to say the least.
 He will be using the covated Nike brand folowing in the footsteps of Mr. Tiger Woods and with that comes alot of media attention. Have a look at what Sir Nick's opinion on this is.

Click Here To look into

 This Make Or Break decision will reveal alot about McIlroy. And if he can be successful with this change would show to the young golfer its not really all about the clubs you use.
My Post About Money In Golf

" McIlroy may be coming into his prime season " Says Golf Channel Reporters, as he as so much to live up to and we will all see if he has the charachter to, or if he even wants to better his previous season and begin to dominate the game in which he plays.

I look foreward to what he will pull out of the bag and to what the other challengers may do to halt his success story.

Edward Kennedy.
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

DP World Tour Championship


It's going to be one enjoyable back 9 for our joint leaders with them still tied as they began the day at -17 under par. The only change their has been is that the contenders are catching them but not not just caught.
It is shown that a low score is out there with Sergio Garcia shot an -8, 64. McIlroy will began the 10th one shot lead and will that work out diva dense?

McIlroy has played the back 9 much better than Donald so far this week as it showed yesterday with McIlroy taking only 31 strokes for a -5 score and Donald playing 34 for -2. And even though the back 9 maybe a little shorter than the front it is a key factor that McIlroy can bomb the ball 20 - 30 yards past Donald at times.

Watch out for Justin Rose currently at -17 and at -6 for the day, he has length and is putting very well.

The holes to change the course of the tournament, 14 and 15 Potential to come out -3 which some will or +1 if you don't hit precisely the right shot.

For all you out there that aren't able to view, putts are relatively dropping, crowd is small with no great atmosphere and in terms of Donald he is as he said himself   " stop falling off every shot Luke".
Do switch on if you can as it is really hotting up now!

Edward Kennedy
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Make Or Break: Final Round Race To Dubai


Make Or Break Series: Race To Dubai Final round.

It has been set up for the grand finale this week in the Race To Dubai  finisher with World ranked number 1, Rory McIlroy and world ranked number 2, Luke Donald going head to head for the title of Champion of the DP world championship.

However it is unfortunate that the Race To Dubai title is already wrapped up by McIlroy, That would have made some quality watching. But it is fully deserved.

The Earth course would seem to suit McIlroy better, as it lies at 7700 yards with sloping fairways and no real penalizing rough. However Donald has managed the course very well over the past 3 days,
even though he may be at a disadvantage length wise.

But the at times, generous, amount of fairway available has worked in his favor as he is able to place the ball exactly where it needs to go, to be in with a chance for birdie and to cut out bogey mistakes.
He has shown this by reaching the 100 holes without a bogey accolade on the Earth course. Yes. You heard right, 100 holes, dating back to the 8th hole in the second round in 2011.

And for Luke Donald ( Luke Donald's Twitter Page  ) not making bogies is a Make Or Break Moment in this weeks final round as he doesn't have the capability of Birding the same number of holes as McIlroy does. And being conservative with his shots does not win all tournaments but it might just this. As it rewards solid putting.

However McIlroy ( Rory's Twitter Page ) can go about the final round in a different mind-set, by bombing the ball off every tee to place the ball 20-30 yards ahead of Donald on every driving hole, However this could work the opposite way if Donald keeps hitting solid shots into the greens and making him try go closer, mentally draining him. McIlroy's length on the par 5's will be a Make or Break  moment as he has the fire power to make eagle on them all, its just a matter of hitting the right shot at the right time.
He has been -8 for those holes so far so it really is a key factor to his overall score.

Having said all that it comes down to how hot their putter gets, they will hit the same amount of GiR its just down to who can get the ball in earlier to put the pressure on. And just because the Race is over doesn't mean their's no pressure. These guys are fighting it out for a little bit (40 Thousand) over 1,000,000 Euros. Enough to make it a decent Christmas time!! 

Do Enjoy watching this encounter as it will be exciting,
My money is on Donald, but that's just me.

Edward Kennedy