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Monday, 26 November 2012

Make Or Break: A Look Ahead To 2013 Rory McIlroy



This past Sunday
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Rory McIlroy wrapped up the DP championship by playing consistently well over the four day event. We watched him strike the ball excellently on the final day, Especially over the last 5 holes, Where he finished birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie to take it by one over Justin Rose.
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That win ensured that he will finish the season with a whopping 5 victories including a Pga Championship and two Fed-Ex cup playoffs at the Deutsche Bank and the BMW Championship.
While being in the company of the world's top golfers asserting his dominance over any field at this time.

You may not believe, but looking back at his results shows room to improve. He said in Duabi.
 "I want to better my results next season, one major to two, five wins to six and so on"
With three missed cuts on the PGA Tour this season such as one in a Major (Us. Open) And one at the headline event, The Players Championship their is definate room to improve.

A Make Or Break moment for McIlroys next season, would firstly  be winning a major. This would make it a respectable season no matter what happens after that, although he is expected to preform in these tournaments.
  It is nearly impossible to reach the highs of his previous season as anything other than winning the double order of merit title again would be looked at as a lack of succes. And with that, the fact he would have not won the same number of tournaments as he did this season.

If I was in McIlroy's shoes, One of my main goal's would be win the Fed-Ex cup on the Western Side of the Atlantic as with that comes $10,000,000 So that is an enticing number to say the least.
 He will be using the covated Nike brand folowing in the footsteps of Mr. Tiger Woods and with that comes alot of media attention. Have a look at what Sir Nick's opinion on this is.

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 This Make Or Break decision will reveal alot about McIlroy. And if he can be successful with this change would show to the young golfer its not really all about the clubs you use.
My Post About Money In Golf

" McIlroy may be coming into his prime season " Says Golf Channel Reporters, as he as so much to live up to and we will all see if he has the charachter to, or if he even wants to better his previous season and begin to dominate the game in which he plays.

I look foreward to what he will pull out of the bag and to what the other challengers may do to halt his success story.

Edward Kennedy.
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

DP World Tour Championship


It's going to be one enjoyable back 9 for our joint leaders with them still tied as they began the day at -17 under par. The only change their has been is that the contenders are catching them but not not just caught.
It is shown that a low score is out there with Sergio Garcia shot an -8, 64. McIlroy will began the 10th one shot lead and will that work out diva dense?

McIlroy has played the back 9 much better than Donald so far this week as it showed yesterday with McIlroy taking only 31 strokes for a -5 score and Donald playing 34 for -2. And even though the back 9 maybe a little shorter than the front it is a key factor that McIlroy can bomb the ball 20 - 30 yards past Donald at times.

Watch out for Justin Rose currently at -17 and at -6 for the day, he has length and is putting very well.

The holes to change the course of the tournament, 14 and 15 Potential to come out -3 which some will or +1 if you don't hit precisely the right shot.

For all you out there that aren't able to view, putts are relatively dropping, crowd is small with no great atmosphere and in terms of Donald he is as he said himself   " stop falling off every shot Luke".
Do switch on if you can as it is really hotting up now!

Edward Kennedy
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Make Or Break: Final Round Race To Dubai


Make Or Break Series: Race To Dubai Final round.

It has been set up for the grand finale this week in the Race To Dubai  finisher with World ranked number 1, Rory McIlroy and world ranked number 2, Luke Donald going head to head for the title of Champion of the DP world championship.

However it is unfortunate that the Race To Dubai title is already wrapped up by McIlroy, That would have made some quality watching. But it is fully deserved.

The Earth course would seem to suit McIlroy better, as it lies at 7700 yards with sloping fairways and no real penalizing rough. However Donald has managed the course very well over the past 3 days,
even though he may be at a disadvantage length wise.

But the at times, generous, amount of fairway available has worked in his favor as he is able to place the ball exactly where it needs to go, to be in with a chance for birdie and to cut out bogey mistakes.
He has shown this by reaching the 100 holes without a bogey accolade on the Earth course. Yes. You heard right, 100 holes, dating back to the 8th hole in the second round in 2011.

And for Luke Donald ( Luke Donald's Twitter Page  ) not making bogies is a Make Or Break Moment in this weeks final round as he doesn't have the capability of Birding the same number of holes as McIlroy does. And being conservative with his shots does not win all tournaments but it might just this. As it rewards solid putting.

However McIlroy ( Rory's Twitter Page ) can go about the final round in a different mind-set, by bombing the ball off every tee to place the ball 20-30 yards ahead of Donald on every driving hole, However this could work the opposite way if Donald keeps hitting solid shots into the greens and making him try go closer, mentally draining him. McIlroy's length on the par 5's will be a Make or Break  moment as he has the fire power to make eagle on them all, its just a matter of hitting the right shot at the right time.
He has been -8 for those holes so far so it really is a key factor to his overall score.

Having said all that it comes down to how hot their putter gets, they will hit the same amount of GiR its just down to who can get the ball in earlier to put the pressure on. And just because the Race is over doesn't mean their's no pressure. These guys are fighting it out for a little bit (40 Thousand) over 1,000,000 Euros. Enough to make it a decent Christmas time!! 

Do Enjoy watching this encounter as it will be exciting,
My money is on Donald, but that's just me.

Edward Kennedy

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Make Or Break: World Challenge


Make Or Break: World Challenge

The World Challenge always brings the top quality golfer for the T.V as it issues a winners cheque of $1,000,000 However it's not all about prize money this week as all proceds go to the Tiger Woods College Access program.

This year it will not dissapoint as it has attracted 13 Ryder Cuppers Which include 11 from the American team and @Graeme_McDowell Visit His Twitter Profile Here With @IanJamesPoulter Ian Poulter's Twiter Here From the Victorious European side.

There will be 2 past champions in the field, Tiger Woods and Graeme McDowell who was just recently Engaged so i'm not too sure which way that could play.!

Now to the Make Or Break. The Course its self is rated as one of the best in the world and was designed by Jack Nicklaus. Its a short-ish course standing currently at 7,027 yards, However it does have the Parkland feel going for it with its 1,800 mature Oak trees gaurding the fairways and swallowing up any arrent tee shots. Accuracy is a must off the tee on this course.

Distance also helps, With five par 5's and five par 3's The longer hitters will have much shorter clubs in their hands going into theses mentioned holes and that is a Make Or Break moment this week,

 Can the long hitters get into position to have easier shots in? we'll have to find out.

Their are a couple of Make Or Break holes in Sherwood Country Club such as
1)  A Driveable par 4 1st,  for the longer hitter going fot the green to tray for eagle it is well protected by Large trees and a bunker left.
2) 2nd, The first of the par 5's,  an island green reachable in two big hits, however there is a fairway bunker and if your ball gets caught in this trap there will be no chance of reaching the green in two.

18) We'll skip staright to 18. Course designer Jack Nicklaus describes it as,  " The 444-yard par-4 eighteenth hole the finest finishing hole he has ever created. "  The hole is known for its senic qualities and the mental effect it has on the players. With the Waterfall on the right alongside a pot bunker. A demanding hole to say the least.

It is a true Make or Break course with all the water hazards and spectacular views.

I predict Hunter Mahan To take the spoils.

Edward Kennedy
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Lowry Lays down to Illness

E.K 22/11/2012

McIroy Will Be Placing This Trophy In His Cabinet At The End Of The Week

Unfortunately progressing Irish Golfer Shane Lowry, will not be automatically participating in the hallowed Masters tournament come next April, due to the fact he will be out of the worlds top 50. He must look for other ways to qualify and what makes it worse is that if he gave a solid performance in this weeks Race To Dubai finisher he could have gained a spot automatically.

Lowry, Told the perss in Dubai,  "obviously i'm gutted" Lowry booked into the hospital feeling he had a virus in his body and said, "It's such a big week and a great event, but given the way i feel right now there's just no way I could have played. I honestly couldn't even stand up on the tee, never mind play 18 holes."

"I became very sick and dehydrated. The drip helped, but when I came off it and left the hospital I became sick again and haven't been able to keep rehydrating to keep the recovery going overnight. It's just so disappointing to miss out on the tournament because I've been playing great for the last couple of months."

He won the Portugal Masters recently and followed that up with a fifth place finish in the BMW Masters China, " I was looking to end the season on a high, but such is life. "

Marc Warren started off like a house on fire completing his round in 66 strokes for a -6 score.
The 31 year old made his first appearance at the tour finisher event after moving to the Middle-East in 2009. He is being hunted down by fellow Scot. Stephen Gallacher finished up on 1 stroke more than Marc with a fine 67.

The tournament is open for the top 60 golfers on the European Tour's money list. However 56 tee'd off as four golfers one being Lowry had to pull out due to a variety of different reasons. Such as Ross Fisher who took the week to prepare the game for the Pga Tour Qualifying school in California.

Luke Donald has had a storm-er of a round so far through 14 holes and is standing at -7, having knocked in 7 birdies to no bogies and has had 2 birdies in a row on 3 occasions.Donald will be hoping to better his finish here last season in which he came 3rd. The Purse available for winning is at 8,000,000.

All the best,
Edward Kennedy

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Forgetable and Unforgetable Moments From This Season

E.K   20/112012

It has come to the end of the Pga Tour season and now its that time of year when we all look back on what has been an enjoyable season to say the least. However, I know it is impossible to remember what just happened every week, So I will be looking back on the Unforgetable and Forgetable moments that have graced the hallowed fairways of the Pga Tour this Season.

Firstly, We will look at the first Major of the year, The Masters. One of the best fineshes of all time with the lead changing hands throughout the week and especially on the final day. Louis Oosthuizen on the second hole hit was was at the time definatly going to be shot of the year by making a 2 on  a par 5 for an alobatrose, (that took 23 seconds to drop after he hit it), subsiquently meaning he took the lead and was on his way to secure the green jacket and take it off his childhood friend Charl Shwartzel.

However we all know that not all dreams come true and when Bubba Watson Sunk that shot putt on the first play-off hole having just hit the shot of the year onto the green from the pine straw, hooking the ball 30 yards from left to right around the bushy forest it was clear Louis was done for.
That masters was one for the record books and is an unforgetable moment from this season.

Adam Scott. British Open. In my opinion the seasons number 1 forgetable moment. Scott blew a four stoke lead on the last four holes where all his contenders, even names such as Tiger Woods had all fallen away due to self inflicted wounds. But one man Ernie Els was able to make putts where no one else could and this led to a situation no one wanted with him winning outright and seeing Adam Scott have a ghostly look on his face after missing an 8 footer to get into the 4 hole playoff. It was great golf to watch for three days but was very anti climactic compared to the Masters tournamet.

However it wasn't just the majors that had an impact on the memories of the season, Do you remember Tiger Woods at the Memorial Tournament. This shot has to be one for Tigers long list of shots that defy the golfing logisistics.

This was the most emotion showed by Tiger in some time and made a huge difference for him going forward in the golfing world as he now holds the number 3 spot in the world rankings.

In Clonclusion, another moment that my main followers might hold close to their hearts is the Suprising lose to the Euros at the Ryder Cup and just if your wondering, yes, I am rubbing it in.
 It was yours to be had but us Europeans have something deep inside that money cant buy. Passion for our team mates. The will to win for one another.

Edward Kennedy,

Monday, 19 November 2012

Pga Tour Player Of The Season

E.K Today 19/11/2012

And now it is time for the prize every player on the Pga Tour would dream of winning. For some it is a legitamite goal, definatly for those who have won it before, but for some it is just another prize someone else will win.

Firstly I will list some of the potential winners and devour into their seasons individualy.
1) Tiger Woods
2) Rory McIlroy
3) Jason Dufner
4) Bubba Watson and
5) Bradnt  Snedeker.

1) Tiger Woods, the all time face of golf, the revolutionist in the golfing game, transforming the way it is played. He has won 3 times this season and has had numerous top 10 fineshes along with those wins proveing him to be a serious contender for the award.

2) Rory McIlroy most peoples obious choice for the award being the winner of both the European and Pga Tour money list. He has followed fellow European in Luke Donald in doing so.
McIlroy is also the current world no.1 and has played extremely well to do so by finnishing well in the top 5 of 9  tournaments this season winning 4 times in the process.
Rory came second in the Fed-ex cup and is now playing his way around the sponors tournaments over-seas.

3) Jason Dufner a player who in  4 weeks won 2 tournaments and got married to a beautiful girl in between is an outsider for the award. However Dufner played valiently in the Ryder Cup in his debut by winning 3 and losing 1. 

4) Bubba Watson the player who hit "That Shot" in the Play-off in the Masters that happend so long along now but is forever one of the greatest moments on the golf course ever. Bubba has been very carismatic throughout the year by being himself infront of the T.V cameras, he has also become a father during the year and I wish him all the best. His season has consisted of 6 top 5 results and 1 win which was the glorius Masters tournament. I would imagine him to be a good shout for players player of the year but not this award.

Finally in conclusion,
5) We finish up with Brandt Snedeker the winner of the Fed-Ex cup who took home the 10 million doller prize in the process. However he did have 4 top 5's and in that 2 wins. He is now known after his most successful year as the best putter in all the world and has been caught giving playes like Steve Stricker and Dustin Johnson lessons im sure for a cheap price.

I hope that this will help you to know a little bit more about the most promonent nomonies and you will understand why the victor has been chossen.

Personnaly I'd have to go with McIlroy as he has preformed under the pressure of the lime light throughout the season. 

Lé Gra,
Edward Kennedy

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Rookie's Life: Easy Or Hard?


Today, 18/11/2012

Golf enthusiasts across the world are in a sort of bubble, in the way that (most) only see what the media want them too. They show the success of young golfers, the journey man who finds his feet and the well-established player who is coming toward the day he hangs up his putter and call it a day.

However, some players come in and go straight back out due to their lack of success. the media portrays the feeling of once you work and get to the place you want to be you will succed but this is not the case.

I today, am focussing on the trials and tribulations of the Pga Tour Rookie.

The season begins in early January for the newly established pga tour player,
who will get his first fully earned card on the first tee at the Sony Open in Hawaii. If he has not prepared a solid strategary in which to follow to ensure his placement in next years tour,
he is destined to fail. But the ones who do will be rich among their wildest dreams.

Rookies like:
Jonas Blixt and John Huh who have both tasted the sweet taste of victory this year.
Jonas Blixt just recently winning the taking home a whopping $900.000.000 with that win.
Huh won the Mayakoba Golf Classic with a cheque worth $666.000.000 four Rookies have won a tournament this year but some were on the other side of the result.

Edward Loar: A player who has had 23 starts in 2012 with one top 25,  7 cuts made and one round leading score in the Mylan Classic. He has won $97,000 this year which leaves him in 207  position on the money list leaving him in a one way ticket to Q school. But why did he not fufil his potential like Huh and Blixt ? Can their be a reason ?

Well lets see, Loar turned Pro in 2000 so has plenty of experience but Huh and Blixt turned in 208 so are relatively new. Its all about self belief that comes with youth and I hope he regains it soon as final Q school stage is approching.

Edward Kennedy

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ireland V Greece Review

                                                       Ireland V Greece review

Jose Holebas ensured the Republic of Ireland ended 2012 without the victory they craved as Giovanni Trapattoni's youngsters were undone 1-0 by Greece at Aviva Stadium.

The Irish manager tested out an experimental side that started with James Mc Carthy, James Mc Clean and Robbie Brady and included Wes Hoolhan at the break. The team showed intent from the off-set but lacked the conviction inside the box. This was clear when Simon Cox of Nottingham Forrest had a clear chance to score when Seamus Coleman who played well down the Right wing with Robbie Brady.

We troubled the Greece defense with McCarthy in the middle and McClean + Brady on the wings.It was apperent when Cox and Long seemed very up for the challange of beating the Greek defense with their quick movements into the open sapces being layed by McCarthy who seemed to find alot of space in the middle of the field when Whelan was playing a more defensive role.

Then, with Greece's first chance after they had a good piece of possesion Samaras controlled the ball just outside the area passed it sideways to Holebas whos sweet 29th-minute strike was enough to seal the victory for the side that was clearly in the Friendly frame of mind. The Greeks offered little while we were passing fluidly but casually pushed their way into the game when Ninis took a 25 yard shot on the 23rd minute that forced a diving save by Irish call up Forde who got the nod on a late call by Westwood to sit out due to a groin niggle he picked just a training before.

Clarke who accomponied captain John O' Shea at the back played very well throughout the night,
He seemed very comfortable on the ball and got his head on the ball from numerous crosses that could have been a huge threat to the Irish goal. Wes Hoolahan made a decent impact coming on at half time however he picked up the ball to deep and struggled to go forward with good possession and fluditity.

The 1-0 lose has dimmed the comeback of the irish camp after the hammering of the Germans last month. We look forward to the Sweedish world cup qualifier game which will prove a good showing as it will compare the two teams and their respective systems.

We will improve and come together and move on, onwards and upwards.
Edward Kennedy

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ireland V Greece Preview

                                                   Internaional friendly preview

Today, the team to play Greece was announced.

 Their was not too much of a shock as only being a friendly, Trap is of course going to try out a few players. Non more so apparent than Shane Long who is being brought In (finally) by Trap mostly due to the constant pressure being put on him by the Irish management.

 As it has been said, "Shane Long (similar to McClean) is 25 years-old and playing at the peak of his powers.  His pace, power, precision and hunger are  just what is required to be successful at international level and yet he has been consistently misused – or usually totally ignored – by the Irish management. "

Tomorrow night I would assume that Seamus Coleman of Everton, a former Sligo rovers player will assume to position of Right back and might have to be the main resistance to Giorgos Samaras the Celtic player who is very prone to drifting I'n and out of games.

I feel that if Sotiris Ninis gets the nod from Fernando Santos a respected Portuguese manager who has had a glittering c.v. Ninis is a player who can have a quick change of pace and a fierce long shot. If Coleman or Ward are not on top form gaps could be made and Ninis will not cease to attack those spaces to feed the ball to Samaras or to take a shot on the goal himself.

  Taking recent results into account which Greece have a better recored I'n the past 6 games have shown they've put in good performances only losing to Germany 4-2 and beating reputable teams such as; Russia. Comparing that to Ireland it is a large contrast, we all know how poor we have preformed I'n the Euros and against Germany, however we did play well against an un-professional team I'n Faroe Islands. And the wins we had apart from the latter have been v Oman. Nough said.

I hope that Trap will play a fresh and flowing type of play tomorrow night to attract the support of the fans who are becoming everyday more distant from Trap and his assistant manager Marco Tardelli.

Please enjoy the game and have a look at the players nentioned if you are watching it at home or In the stadium. Score prediction. 3-1 Ireland.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Does the game justify the money?

Today, 12/11/12

We are in a harsh economic climate and goverments all across the world struggle day in day out for ways to save money and re-use it for bills that have a need for heavier funding, eg. Health care.

Does the game of golf, the game impossible to master, deserve to have millions of funds available for winning week in week out that could be spent in other places for different reasons.

The prize money at the top level of the golfing world is one of the key factors that are attracting thousands of people to take up the game in the hope they could one day take home the prize and live like a king.

However, as we all know most dreams that are made are never fufilled. Man after man crave the top flight but only a few get there, it is a game that is a persons entire salery and is one where you could be in with a million dollar check one week and you could be scrapping you pockets for petty change the next and that is the beauty of it. The lesser tours are coming up recently with respectible prize funds that can be enough to facilitate the saleries for countless men and women over a season.

Can this money, that pays for so many be justified and allowed to keep getting bigger and bigger? I don't know.

The prize funds on the Pga tour range from *$3,000,000 - *$9,500,000. one must ask how can companies who sponsor these tournaments each yea possibly justify paying out these huge sums of money to premote their company across the fan base of the golfing population.
 Do they recieve huge gains in profit pre month when their tournament is held and finneshed.

  Personnally I enjoy seeing the massive sums of money being won by a person who has worked day in day out for their entire lifes to compete and win at the level they desire.

 However i cant see it going on for much longer as the companies supporting it will eventually cease to exist form of recless spending.

I hope in the nearby future we will look into this and form a conclusion to the purses available.
Lé Gra,
Edward Kennedy

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A miracle at a miracle event

That's just what they tell us, isn't it?

 Miracles can happen, And following the trecent result of C. Beljan many would not deny it. Some say " the best comeback of all time " However he was really never down,  theoretically.

 On Friday, when C. Beljan was finishing play it is said he was shrugging with breadth issues and found it difficult too walk however he played on knowing that be could pass out at any moment but knowing even more so the importance of the result for his young family. Subsequently residing beside the 18th green was a stretcher with his name on it. He was taken away to hospital for further examination.

So yes, he may not have been down, only on paper. His utter determination was un~missable, as he was quoted on saterday morning having been release from hospital to play against doctors wishes, " they released me saying that they thought I was good enough maybe not to go play golf but at least to leave the hospital. I'm making the decision to come out here and play. Who knows if well last two holes. Who knows if well last 18. Were just going to take it one shot at a time, which I did yesterday and ended up Preeety good."

 At this time he as a rookie was ranked 139th on the money list with the top 125 gaining a full Card for the Pga tour. The pressure was on and he knew it.

 Beljan finished off the tournament (childrens miracle network hospitals classic) with a bogey to take it by two over M. Every who also became well known early on in the year with regards to his marijuana connection.

 Lé gra,
  Edward kennedy,
@itstheretobehit ,

Surpresing the Yanks, but how?

For the second straight season a young European has claimed the money title on both the european tour and the PGA tour. A feat that has become a notable historic moment. This recent European success has not only shown up throughout the year but also when it comEs to the rider cup time.  With Europe dominating the results even with as it seems lack luster rosters.

This year Brandt Snedeker won the Fed-ex cup witch shows te golfing population that the system maybe flawed. He may be the best putter of the golf ball in the world but it showed in the Ryder cup money performances throughout a long season does not accumulate to a stress free golfer capable of taking on and completing any challenge as previous winners like Tiger has shown in past seasons.

As a European you would imagine I would be chuffed with these results however I want to see the young American golfers come up and compete against the best of the euros.
Alas, to my lack of involvement in national golfing circles I don't understand how the, for example, GUI keep spurring out well developed golfers capable of competing at the top level.

 It seems to me that a huge flaw in the system is the people recruiting the young boys and girls who will be trained and nutured by the best of coaches are too focused on results of the young too early and don't look into the potential of the golfers who may not understand just yet how to score in defining moments. 1 answer. Funding.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

To New Beginnigs

Its there to be hit
          I am Edward Kennedy and this is my newly renovated blogging site.
          Throught the next few months i will be posting Golf related posts, however i dont want this
          to be only on golf i am going to be posting about irish football mainly international at this
          moment but when the season comes i will be posting Airtricity League information.   
To New Beginnigs
Unfortunatly its that time of year again when the League is over the FAI cup winners have been crowned and attention turns to the premier league in england. This season has seen a different winner for every available trophy which is a huge contrast to a few seasons ago when Shamrock Rovers dominated the winners podium, i am very pleased with this development as it broades the horizons of the smaller teams. Looking forward to next season i would be of the opinion that Shamrock Rovers will again not be as successful compared to recent years mainly because of the lose of one of the leagues best if not the best.
Gary Twigg.
His "excellency" as highly regarded by Declan Devine, will be shipped to Portadown in the irish league. As a result of this I believe Cork City and St. Pats will prosper due to a solid fan base and relative success in the past year.
Thats all for now but dont fret, i will be back soon ... I promise.