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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cannon wins the 2013 Irish Amateur championship

Congratulations to Balbriggans Robbie Cannon who won the Irish Amateur at Royal Dublin today following  a three man play-off and sudden death.

Robbie with the South 2009

The play-off began with Graeme Roberson, Defending champion Gavin Moynihan and the eventual winner, Robbie Cannon.

With a score of Par. Bogey. Par. Over play-off holes 16-17-18 he joined Graeme Robertson in a Sudden Death hole playing the 18th. 

The three hole aggregate play-off was filled with excitement with penalty drops(Moynihan 16), putts just missing and some dropping. 

Cannon finished the four round tournament with a total of 295.

However, It did look like the tournament was all wrapped up by Jack Hume. Still on form from his play-off defeat at the Lytham Trophy just last week as he came into 17 with a two shot lead. Unfortunately for him he took a five and a six knocking him off the lead and out of a play-off position.

Jack Hume 

Robbie won with a par on the first sudden death play-off hole. Iron off the tee with 204 yards left, he struck it to 24ft and putted 15 inches past and made it back giving a massive fist pump celebration. 

Cannon sizing up the putt

It was Graeme Robertson who putt (no pun intended) up the fight against Robbie but pushed his 7 iron into the bunker right off the green and 40 ft away. He was not able to get Up'N'Down and contend with Mr. Irish Amateur Cannon.
Robertson celebrating his hole in 1 on the 12th

A great day for Robbie Cannon, another learning curve for Jack Hume who will obtain his maiden senior win  in the not so distant future.

Congratulations Robbie Cannon on your Irish Amateur Title.


Irish Amateur; Royal Dublin

Jack Hume took a one stroke lead into the final round of the Irish Amateur in the home of Irish Amateur golf, Royal Dublin.

Jack lost in a playoff for the Lytham Trophy against Albert Eckhardht just last week.
Jack Hume Lytham Trophy

Hume had a 74 after round three and went into round four sitting at +3. Today is a 36 hole final.

The best score of round 3 was a 71(-1) by Teemu Bakker, Finland.

The weather should stay relatively playable with Wind at 27-26 Km/h
However it will get colder throughout the final 18 holes. 14-10°C.

Mark Morrissey has made an early move currently -3/4.

17th Green
Other note able moves up the leaderboard come early on from;
Graeme Robertson -2/9
James Fox -2/4
Cormac Sharvin -2/4

A lot of quality golfers within a few strokes of the lead.

Live Leaderboard; 19:25
Last Group through 18

*1 Robbie Cannon (295)
The 18th Hole
•1 Graeme Robertson 295
•1 Gavin Moynihan 295

•4 Ewan Scott 296
•4 Teemu Bakkar 296
*4 Jack Hume 296

Threeman playoff being played over 16, 17, 18


17+18 playing tough all day!
Robbie Cannon

Moynihan 16) Tee) Left rough second)  Green in 2 and 10ft. Green) 1Ft. past = Level

Cannon 16) Tee) Right Rough 2nd) Green in 2 12ft. Green)1Ft. Past = Level

Robertson 16) Tee) Semi 2nd) Green in 2 25ft. Green) 8ft short, misses. = +1

Moynihan 17) Tee) Right off tee. Penalty drop plays third short right. 4th) Chips to 15Ft. Green) Misses, Taps in. 6. = +2

Overall +2
Cannon 17) Tee) Just over left bunker, Semi Rough. 2nd) Misses green left. 3rd) Chips to 12ft. 4th) Misses = +1
Graeme Robertson

Overall +1
Roberson 17) Tee) Right Semi 2nd) Onto the green, 40ft. Green) Leaves 4ft. Holes it. =Level
Overall +1
Moynihan 18) Tee) Driver, Straight Down The Middle 2nd)  Onto green 20ft. Green) Misses. Taps in = Level

Cannon 18) Tee) Iron off the tee, semi. 2nd) Onto green 30 ft. Green) Leaves it dead. Tap in par. = Level

Roberson 18) Tee) Iron off the tee, fairway. 2nd) Onto green 20ft. Green) Stone dead = level

After 3 hole aggregate,
Cannon = +1   Robertson = +1   Moynihan =  +2


Sudden Death. 
18th) Robertson ) Iron = fairway ) Leaves in bunker from 170. 3rd) Hits from 40ft, to 12ft. Putt for par. Green) Misses!! = Bogey
18th) Cannon ) Iron = fairway ) Leaves 30 ft from 204. Green) Putt for the win... 15inches past. For The WIn... CANNON HOLES!! 2013 #IrishAmateur Champion

"He's not the nicest guy on tour" Sergio Garcia

During the break of play during round three Sergio Garcia came out with the bold statement.

Sergio let his opinion of Tiger Woods be heard to the world following a spife between the players as a result of the crowds cheer.

Sergio was setting up to hit to the par 5 second in two and during his 3 wood swing Tiger picked a club out of his bag, a 3 wood also showing the crowd he would be going for the green in two.

Two Greats, One Prize
As a result of Tiger picking his club out the crowd adjacent to Woods cheered as they knew what was coming up. Unfortunately this was during the backswing of Sergio causing Sergio to lose focus and screw his shot away to the right.

During the post round interview Sergio said regarding Tiger, "He's not the nicest guy on tour".
"I think he must have pulled like a 5-wood or a 3-wood and obviously everybody started screaming. So that didn't help very much."

Tiger Splashes Out 
Sergio gave his opinion on how his personality is on the course.
"I think that I try to respect everyone as much as possible out there," Garcia said. 

"I try to be careful what I do to make sure it doesn't bother the other players."

Tiger has played with Sergio on six occasions following this mornings completion of play. All five other occasions tiger went on to win the tournament.

After round 3;
Garcia -11
Lingmerth -11
Woods -11
Palmer -10
Stenson -10
Wittenberg -10