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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Quail Hollow Round 3 live updates

Live updates will be posted below,

21:50 Streelman drops back to -7. Mickleson bombs one crazy wild. Provisional ball being played. Watney pars 15, failed to convert from a position just short of the green.

21:48 Watney nearly chips in but it runs 6 foot by. Streelman still at -7. McNeill for par on 15 from 8-10 foot.

21:43 McNeill chips the ball back to the fairway from the bushes. Par 5 15th. Watney second ends up just 10 yards short. Mickelson's ball goes deeper into the tree then McNeills ball. Not good.

21:38 Mickelson birdied driveable 14. Back up to -11. 15 is a lovely par 5. Reachable.

21:34 John Senden has the best score on the top leaderboard at the moment he's -5 on the day.

21:29 McNeill make a bird on 14 to move to -9. Mickelson played his 3 wood. Leaders on -10.

21:26 Ernst makes par on 15. McIlroy missed another short birdie putt and Mickelson waits on the drivable par 4 14th.

21:22 Watney begins 14 with the crowd going wild for Mickelson who chips in to 3 foot on par three.

I'll take this break in play to recommend you checking out the post on choosing a golf ball that suits you. 

21:19 Ernst goes for the 15th in two and has a snap hook that ended up in the crowd, short side of the pin, over a bunker! Risk reward.

21:16 Short Birdie putt on 12 missed by Watney. Mickelson missed his first putt inside of 10 foot this week! Still not human though! Two tied at the top.

21:15 after a great start, Gardiner has fallen away with a double bogey on 9 and is currently sitting on -5.

21:12 Mickelson just short of 12 in two, Chance to keep his Scrambling stats top class.

21:05 Back to the action now and Mickelson is -11 watney -10 and McNeill -8.

20:33 McIlroy has 4 foot for birdie on 10.

20:30 Mickelson -10 through front 9. Still 2 up on crowd.

20:27 Only 300 yards away from the fairway and Mcilroy is hole high. Wow. Mickelson is 39/39 from inside 10 feet. Wow.

20:25 Mickelson currently -10 and two ahead of the field after Watney bogeyed 9.

20:21 McNeil -6 through 9 holes. Mickelson bashes a hybrid club from other rough after and has 40 yards left after hitting a tree.

20:16 Mickelson bodies the 8th and moves to -10. Ernst moves back to -7.

20:13 McIlroy makes double. Drops to -6. Scott Gardiner has made a bogey on 8. Watney has 92 yards in on 9 and.........35 feet.

20:12 McIlroy makes bogey on brutal par 4 9. Drops to -7.

20:09 McNeill makes 3 birdies on the spin at 5-6 and 7 and par at 8 to make it to -8 and one off the lead. Westwood playing well at slowly moving up the leaderboard At -7

20:06 Today is Rory McIlroys birthday, happy birthday to the worlds second best player and proud Irishman.

20;04 Mickelson makes a par and Gardiner lips out from 3 feet for birdie. On 7.

20:00 Watney makes a 5 footer for birdie to share with Mickelson. Moore coming I to the finish currently -5 for the day.

19:42 Mickelson makes birdie at Par 5, to take the lead by one over McIlroy who eagled the 7th hole and parred 8.

19:39 I'd expect the scoring to get hot quick over the 6th, 7th and 8th. This will be interesting!

19:36 McIlroy putting worse than average with no putting stats in the top 15. If the putter gets hot....

19:33 Four way tie at the top of the leader board. Mickelson, Ernst, Gardiner and Watney.

What Golf Ball Suits Me Best?

Every golfer faces the same problem. The expense of equipment is getting higher and higher and a lot of us golfers love to have the top end gear, here's how to choose the right golf ball for your game and your pocket.

I'm here to give you a few suggestion to which what golf ball to use to improve your game in as many aspects as possible.

1) Price
2) Handicap Specific
3) Course Type. (Links/ParkLand)

We will take 4 brands.

  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • Taylormade
  • Bridgestone

The ball needed to play links golf compared to parkland golf would be less spin off the tee and more spin around the green. As in links golf you do not need to shape the ball too much off the tee but the greens are of course harder so the more spin you can create, the better.

The classic links golf ball would be, Hex chrome from Callaway. It comes in at 27 euro. Mainly suited for swings below 95 mph which is not too slow, well in the winds any ways.

And for your average parkland I'd recommend a higher spin tee ball for controllability and average spin around the green.

Maybe something like, the Bridgestone B330-S. I'd try that ball out if you get the chance. 35 Euro.

Lower handicaps, 1-10. Golf is important in your life, spend some money on your golf ball. Taylormade Penta 5 is a good choice but be sure to watch those cart paths as they tend to tear up a little quick. 35 Euro.

A more expensive choice would of course be the Pro V1, the highest priced ball on the market is not worth the bucks. But if your used to them now, theirs no need to change. 49 Euro.

11-19, You enjoy your weekend round. You practise when it suits you and that's fine, you take golf as more as a casual sport. You need a ball that suits your game. You want more distance off the tee and a medium hard core for your short game. You need, the Callaway Hex Black. Pick them up from 40 Euro.

Higher Handicaps, 20-28. Golf is a social game to be enjoyed with friends but you still love that moment when you strike that perfect tee shot. Your game needs a ball that has high spin rate from EVERYWHERE.
But price comes into it big time for you, here is the ball you need. Srixon Z series, pick them up in a dozen for 30 Euro.

All prices come from, McGuirks Golf. Www.McGuirksGolf.Com

Edward Kennedy @_EdwardKennedy