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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Make Or Break: Final Round Race To Dubai


Make Or Break Series: Race To Dubai Final round.

It has been set up for the grand finale this week in the Race To Dubai  finisher with World ranked number 1, Rory McIlroy and world ranked number 2, Luke Donald going head to head for the title of Champion of the DP world championship.

However it is unfortunate that the Race To Dubai title is already wrapped up by McIlroy, That would have made some quality watching. But it is fully deserved.

The Earth course would seem to suit McIlroy better, as it lies at 7700 yards with sloping fairways and no real penalizing rough. However Donald has managed the course very well over the past 3 days,
even though he may be at a disadvantage length wise.

But the at times, generous, amount of fairway available has worked in his favor as he is able to place the ball exactly where it needs to go, to be in with a chance for birdie and to cut out bogey mistakes.
He has shown this by reaching the 100 holes without a bogey accolade on the Earth course. Yes. You heard right, 100 holes, dating back to the 8th hole in the second round in 2011.

And for Luke Donald ( Luke Donald's Twitter Page  ) not making bogies is a Make Or Break Moment in this weeks final round as he doesn't have the capability of Birding the same number of holes as McIlroy does. And being conservative with his shots does not win all tournaments but it might just this. As it rewards solid putting.

However McIlroy ( Rory's Twitter Page ) can go about the final round in a different mind-set, by bombing the ball off every tee to place the ball 20-30 yards ahead of Donald on every driving hole, However this could work the opposite way if Donald keeps hitting solid shots into the greens and making him try go closer, mentally draining him. McIlroy's length on the par 5's will be a Make or Break  moment as he has the fire power to make eagle on them all, its just a matter of hitting the right shot at the right time.
He has been -8 for those holes so far so it really is a key factor to his overall score.

Having said all that it comes down to how hot their putter gets, they will hit the same amount of GiR its just down to who can get the ball in earlier to put the pressure on. And just because the Race is over doesn't mean their's no pressure. These guys are fighting it out for a little bit (40 Thousand) over 1,000,000 Euros. Enough to make it a decent Christmas time!! 

Do Enjoy watching this encounter as it will be exciting,
My money is on Donald, but that's just me.

Edward Kennedy

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