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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

To New Beginnigs

Its there to be hit
          I am Edward Kennedy and this is my newly renovated blogging site.
          Throught the next few months i will be posting Golf related posts, however i dont want this
          to be only on golf i am going to be posting about irish football mainly international at this
          moment but when the season comes i will be posting Airtricity League information.   
To New Beginnigs
Unfortunatly its that time of year again when the League is over the FAI cup winners have been crowned and attention turns to the premier league in england. This season has seen a different winner for every available trophy which is a huge contrast to a few seasons ago when Shamrock Rovers dominated the winners podium, i am very pleased with this development as it broades the horizons of the smaller teams. Looking forward to next season i would be of the opinion that Shamrock Rovers will again not be as successful compared to recent years mainly because of the lose of one of the leagues best if not the best.
Gary Twigg.
His "excellency" as highly regarded by Declan Devine, will be shipped to Portadown in the irish league. As a result of this I believe Cork City and St. Pats will prosper due to a solid fan base and relative success in the past year.
Thats all for now but dont fret, i will be back soon ... I promise.

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