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Monday, 14 January 2013

Blast From The Past: Alan McGloughlin

Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland, Alan McGloughlin.
Windsor park, Belfast, 17th of November 1993.
A win would send Ireland to the USA for their second ever World Cup in 1994, a draw would to depending on the outcome of the Spain v Denmark game.
The Northern Irish had nothing to play for, however, these two nations don't meet very often on the football pitch and they were looking to make the most out of their opportunity. This game came towards the end of the troubles which made for a very hostile atmosphere especially because many of the Republic's players were of British decent. Republic of Ireland fans were not allowed to travel to the game because of security reasons and it was inevitable that the staff and players would be subject to dog's abuse.
Jimmy Quinn scored the opener for Northern Ireland late in the second half and the Windsor Park faithful felt they were hope and dry...
Step forward Alan McLoughlin! There has never been a goal met with a stonier silence then McLoughlin's stunning half volley which sent Ireland to USA '94!
P.S. Spain beat Denmark.

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