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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I'm back - kinda

Hello loyal followers,

I guess I just wish to inform you all that I am indeed alive and well. This post will follow the suggested template for a back to blogging post, a staple in any youths blog archive as we all fall off the horse at least a couple times in our pursuit of ad sense revenue.  

With the leaving cert completed, points achieved and university begun it's time to get back onto this scene. Potentially this may be used as an avenue to test out academic writing styles or something entirely different. I suppose I've no interest in reporting on the hot topics in the world of golf or the league of Ireland any more. So this blog will certainly venture down a different path, one that I'm not certain where it will take me or even where it begins. 

Potentially I may leave this URL idle and start a new site, one that will have no views history or previous exposure therefore any progress made in quality of writing and subsequent views will be easily identified. 

These are my ramblings as "I sit and write and wait" - Alec Moore

Possibly I may present my viewpoints toward specific areas of my degree such as information delivered by lectures and fellow students, or maybe reviews of events in my life. But that's maybe too personal for my liking right now. 

Basically I'm trying to figure out who I am, what I want to be, decide which values I stand essence just discovering things about myself.  

I want to inspire, motivate and positively influence other people in some way shape or form. And in a similar fashion be inspired by, motivated by and positively influenced by those who I interact with both on the cloud and in daily life. 

Hopefully this will not be my last post but if it is know I am forever trying to improve myself, dedicated to achieving success, a feat I feel is accomplished when I reach my full potential which in my opinion is limitless.


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