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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ireland V Greece Preview

                                                   Internaional friendly preview

Today, the team to play Greece was announced.

 Their was not too much of a shock as only being a friendly, Trap is of course going to try out a few players. Non more so apparent than Shane Long who is being brought In (finally) by Trap mostly due to the constant pressure being put on him by the Irish management.

 As it has been said, "Shane Long (similar to McClean) is 25 years-old and playing at the peak of his powers.  His pace, power, precision and hunger are  just what is required to be successful at international level and yet he has been consistently misused – or usually totally ignored – by the Irish management. "

Tomorrow night I would assume that Seamus Coleman of Everton, a former Sligo rovers player will assume to position of Right back and might have to be the main resistance to Giorgos Samaras the Celtic player who is very prone to drifting I'n and out of games.

I feel that if Sotiris Ninis gets the nod from Fernando Santos a respected Portuguese manager who has had a glittering c.v. Ninis is a player who can have a quick change of pace and a fierce long shot. If Coleman or Ward are not on top form gaps could be made and Ninis will not cease to attack those spaces to feed the ball to Samaras or to take a shot on the goal himself.

  Taking recent results into account which Greece have a better recored I'n the past 6 games have shown they've put in good performances only losing to Germany 4-2 and beating reputable teams such as; Russia. Comparing that to Ireland it is a large contrast, we all know how poor we have preformed I'n the Euros and against Germany, however we did play well against an un-professional team I'n Faroe Islands. And the wins we had apart from the latter have been v Oman. Nough said.

I hope that Trap will play a fresh and flowing type of play tomorrow night to attract the support of the fans who are becoming everyday more distant from Trap and his assistant manager Marco Tardelli.

Please enjoy the game and have a look at the players nentioned if you are watching it at home or In the stadium. Score prediction. 3-1 Ireland.

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