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Monday, 12 November 2012

Does the game justify the money?

Today, 12/11/12

We are in a harsh economic climate and goverments all across the world struggle day in day out for ways to save money and re-use it for bills that have a need for heavier funding, eg. Health care.

Does the game of golf, the game impossible to master, deserve to have millions of funds available for winning week in week out that could be spent in other places for different reasons.

The prize money at the top level of the golfing world is one of the key factors that are attracting thousands of people to take up the game in the hope they could one day take home the prize and live like a king.

However, as we all know most dreams that are made are never fufilled. Man after man crave the top flight but only a few get there, it is a game that is a persons entire salery and is one where you could be in with a million dollar check one week and you could be scrapping you pockets for petty change the next and that is the beauty of it. The lesser tours are coming up recently with respectible prize funds that can be enough to facilitate the saleries for countless men and women over a season.

Can this money, that pays for so many be justified and allowed to keep getting bigger and bigger? I don't know.

The prize funds on the Pga tour range from *$3,000,000 - *$9,500,000. one must ask how can companies who sponsor these tournaments each yea possibly justify paying out these huge sums of money to premote their company across the fan base of the golfing population.
 Do they recieve huge gains in profit pre month when their tournament is held and finneshed.

  Personnally I enjoy seeing the massive sums of money being won by a person who has worked day in day out for their entire lifes to compete and win at the level they desire.

 However i cant see it going on for much longer as the companies supporting it will eventually cease to exist form of recless spending.

I hope in the nearby future we will look into this and form a conclusion to the purses available.
Lé Gra,
Edward Kennedy

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