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Monday, 26 November 2012

Make Or Break: A Look Ahead To 2013 Rory McIlroy



This past Sunday
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Rory McIlroy wrapped up the DP championship by playing consistently well over the four day event. We watched him strike the ball excellently on the final day, Especially over the last 5 holes, Where he finished birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie,birdie to take it by one over Justin Rose.
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That win ensured that he will finish the season with a whopping 5 victories including a Pga Championship and two Fed-Ex cup playoffs at the Deutsche Bank and the BMW Championship.
While being in the company of the world's top golfers asserting his dominance over any field at this time.

You may not believe, but looking back at his results shows room to improve. He said in Duabi.
 "I want to better my results next season, one major to two, five wins to six and so on"
With three missed cuts on the PGA Tour this season such as one in a Major (Us. Open) And one at the headline event, The Players Championship their is definate room to improve.

A Make Or Break moment for McIlroys next season, would firstly  be winning a major. This would make it a respectable season no matter what happens after that, although he is expected to preform in these tournaments.
  It is nearly impossible to reach the highs of his previous season as anything other than winning the double order of merit title again would be looked at as a lack of succes. And with that, the fact he would have not won the same number of tournaments as he did this season.

If I was in McIlroy's shoes, One of my main goal's would be win the Fed-Ex cup on the Western Side of the Atlantic as with that comes $10,000,000 So that is an enticing number to say the least.
 He will be using the covated Nike brand folowing in the footsteps of Mr. Tiger Woods and with that comes alot of media attention. Have a look at what Sir Nick's opinion on this is.

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 This Make Or Break decision will reveal alot about McIlroy. And if he can be successful with this change would show to the young golfer its not really all about the clubs you use.
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" McIlroy may be coming into his prime season " Says Golf Channel Reporters, as he as so much to live up to and we will all see if he has the charachter to, or if he even wants to better his previous season and begin to dominate the game in which he plays.

I look foreward to what he will pull out of the bag and to what the other challengers may do to halt his success story.

Edward Kennedy.
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