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Monday, 3 December 2012

Make Or Break: Keegan Bradley



It has been confirmed this week that in three years the R&A and the USGA will have anchoring of the putter banned.

Hot on this topic is Keegan Bradley. A a top notch Pga Tour proffessional who has been using an anchored  long putter ever since his early college days and has never looked back.
The up~coming banning of  anchoring is a Make or Break moment in his early career as it will take him a time to become used to a non anchored putter.

Keegan shot into the limelight by winning his rookie major attempt at the Pga Championship and looked comfortable in doing so, holeing key putts coming down the stretch.

It my be three years away yet until the official banning but some golf fans have gone as far as labeling him a cheater for his continuous use of the anchored putter. In my opinion he is not cheating and for someone to say to a professional player from the safety of the crowd that he Is a cheater is disgraceful.

Let me give you available example of how the majority of playing amateurs 'cheated' at one stage a couple of years ago.

The professional governing bodies banned the use of a certain type of groove used by the pros that were in the Titleist Vokey wedge. So all wedges were changed to accommodate the new ruling however amateurs were not in a situation to come into contact with these new conforming grooves, so they just continued on using their old non conforming grooves that were to be banned for amateurs in 2014.

This is the exit same thing, Bradley is continuing to use his club that is not officially banned but that is just looked down opon, same as myself continuing to use the old grooves on my club that were not yet bobbed but were looked down opon by the Governing Bodies.

Personal I believe it will slightly halt his career when the time comes but I believe he is strong minded enough to overcome this tough time in his career as is the situation with many others.

Keegan came second too Greame McDowell on the weekend using the anchored putter showing that even in the time when it is to be banned Bradley takes no notice of it.

Edward Kennedy

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