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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A miracle at a miracle event

That's just what they tell us, isn't it?

 Miracles can happen, And following the trecent result of C. Beljan many would not deny it. Some say " the best comeback of all time " However he was really never down,  theoretically.

 On Friday, when C. Beljan was finishing play it is said he was shrugging with breadth issues and found it difficult too walk however he played on knowing that be could pass out at any moment but knowing even more so the importance of the result for his young family. Subsequently residing beside the 18th green was a stretcher with his name on it. He was taken away to hospital for further examination.

So yes, he may not have been down, only on paper. His utter determination was un~missable, as he was quoted on saterday morning having been release from hospital to play against doctors wishes, " they released me saying that they thought I was good enough maybe not to go play golf but at least to leave the hospital. I'm making the decision to come out here and play. Who knows if well last two holes. Who knows if well last 18. Were just going to take it one shot at a time, which I did yesterday and ended up Preeety good."

 At this time he as a rookie was ranked 139th on the money list with the top 125 gaining a full Card for the Pga tour. The pressure was on and he knew it.

 Beljan finished off the tournament (childrens miracle network hospitals classic) with a bogey to take it by two over M. Every who also became well known early on in the year with regards to his marijuana connection.

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  Edward kennedy,
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