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Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Rookie's Life: Easy Or Hard?


Today, 18/11/2012

Golf enthusiasts across the world are in a sort of bubble, in the way that (most) only see what the media want them too. They show the success of young golfers, the journey man who finds his feet and the well-established player who is coming toward the day he hangs up his putter and call it a day.

However, some players come in and go straight back out due to their lack of success. the media portrays the feeling of once you work and get to the place you want to be you will succed but this is not the case.

I today, am focussing on the trials and tribulations of the Pga Tour Rookie.

The season begins in early January for the newly established pga tour player,
who will get his first fully earned card on the first tee at the Sony Open in Hawaii. If he has not prepared a solid strategary in which to follow to ensure his placement in next years tour,
he is destined to fail. But the ones who do will be rich among their wildest dreams.

Rookies like:
Jonas Blixt and John Huh who have both tasted the sweet taste of victory this year.
Jonas Blixt just recently winning the taking home a whopping $900.000.000 with that win.
Huh won the Mayakoba Golf Classic with a cheque worth $666.000.000 four Rookies have won a tournament this year but some were on the other side of the result.

Edward Loar: A player who has had 23 starts in 2012 with one top 25,  7 cuts made and one round leading score in the Mylan Classic. He has won $97,000 this year which leaves him in 207  position on the money list leaving him in a one way ticket to Q school. But why did he not fufil his potential like Huh and Blixt ? Can their be a reason ?

Well lets see, Loar turned Pro in 2000 so has plenty of experience but Huh and Blixt turned in 208 so are relatively new. Its all about self belief that comes with youth and I hope he regains it soon as final Q school stage is approching.

Edward Kennedy

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