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Monday, 19 November 2012

Pga Tour Player Of The Season

E.K Today 19/11/2012

And now it is time for the prize every player on the Pga Tour would dream of winning. For some it is a legitamite goal, definatly for those who have won it before, but for some it is just another prize someone else will win.

Firstly I will list some of the potential winners and devour into their seasons individualy.
1) Tiger Woods
2) Rory McIlroy
3) Jason Dufner
4) Bubba Watson and
5) Bradnt  Snedeker.

1) Tiger Woods, the all time face of golf, the revolutionist in the golfing game, transforming the way it is played. He has won 3 times this season and has had numerous top 10 fineshes along with those wins proveing him to be a serious contender for the award.

2) Rory McIlroy most peoples obious choice for the award being the winner of both the European and Pga Tour money list. He has followed fellow European in Luke Donald in doing so.
McIlroy is also the current world no.1 and has played extremely well to do so by finnishing well in the top 5 of 9  tournaments this season winning 4 times in the process.
Rory came second in the Fed-ex cup and is now playing his way around the sponors tournaments over-seas.

3) Jason Dufner a player who in  4 weeks won 2 tournaments and got married to a beautiful girl in between is an outsider for the award. However Dufner played valiently in the Ryder Cup in his debut by winning 3 and losing 1. 

4) Bubba Watson the player who hit "That Shot" in the Play-off in the Masters that happend so long along now but is forever one of the greatest moments on the golf course ever. Bubba has been very carismatic throughout the year by being himself infront of the T.V cameras, he has also become a father during the year and I wish him all the best. His season has consisted of 6 top 5 results and 1 win which was the glorius Masters tournament. I would imagine him to be a good shout for players player of the year but not this award.

Finally in conclusion,
5) We finish up with Brandt Snedeker the winner of the Fed-Ex cup who took home the 10 million doller prize in the process. However he did have 4 top 5's and in that 2 wins. He is now known after his most successful year as the best putter in all the world and has been caught giving playes like Steve Stricker and Dustin Johnson lessons im sure for a cheap price.

I hope that this will help you to know a little bit more about the most promonent nomonies and you will understand why the victor has been chossen.

Personnaly I'd have to go with McIlroy as he has preformed under the pressure of the lime light throughout the season. 

Lé Gra,
Edward Kennedy

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