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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Forgetable and Unforgetable Moments From This Season

E.K   20/112012

It has come to the end of the Pga Tour season and now its that time of year when we all look back on what has been an enjoyable season to say the least. However, I know it is impossible to remember what just happened every week, So I will be looking back on the Unforgetable and Forgetable moments that have graced the hallowed fairways of the Pga Tour this Season.

Firstly, We will look at the first Major of the year, The Masters. One of the best fineshes of all time with the lead changing hands throughout the week and especially on the final day. Louis Oosthuizen on the second hole hit was was at the time definatly going to be shot of the year by making a 2 on  a par 5 for an alobatrose, (that took 23 seconds to drop after he hit it), subsiquently meaning he took the lead and was on his way to secure the green jacket and take it off his childhood friend Charl Shwartzel.

However we all know that not all dreams come true and when Bubba Watson Sunk that shot putt on the first play-off hole having just hit the shot of the year onto the green from the pine straw, hooking the ball 30 yards from left to right around the bushy forest it was clear Louis was done for.
That masters was one for the record books and is an unforgetable moment from this season.

Adam Scott. British Open. In my opinion the seasons number 1 forgetable moment. Scott blew a four stoke lead on the last four holes where all his contenders, even names such as Tiger Woods had all fallen away due to self inflicted wounds. But one man Ernie Els was able to make putts where no one else could and this led to a situation no one wanted with him winning outright and seeing Adam Scott have a ghostly look on his face after missing an 8 footer to get into the 4 hole playoff. It was great golf to watch for three days but was very anti climactic compared to the Masters tournamet.

However it wasn't just the majors that had an impact on the memories of the season, Do you remember Tiger Woods at the Memorial Tournament. This shot has to be one for Tigers long list of shots that defy the golfing logisistics.

This was the most emotion showed by Tiger in some time and made a huge difference for him going forward in the golfing world as he now holds the number 3 spot in the world rankings.

In Clonclusion, another moment that my main followers might hold close to their hearts is the Suprising lose to the Euros at the Ryder Cup and just if your wondering, yes, I am rubbing it in.
 It was yours to be had but us Europeans have something deep inside that money cant buy. Passion for our team mates. The will to win for one another.

Edward Kennedy,

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