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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day


Well of course today is a special day, Being it 12/12/12 and of course the last time a repeat of numbers can ever happen on the Roman calendar. As of course next year will be 2013.
Meaning there is not enough months to cover the number. 13.
Lucky for some, the opposite for the rest.

However, being this a sporty blog, this is not the pick of the day for 12/12/12.
It is, infact the appointing of Mr. Tom Watson as Ryder Cup captain for 2014 on the United States' side for Gleneagles. The man has a very respectable Ryder Cup record with  10-4-1, and a  .70% conversion rate for points.
Aside from the fact we know he loves the Ryder Cup and has played magnificatly well at stages during his time as a competitive player, we must be sceptical and look at the pro's and con's to having him as the upcoming Captain.

Firstly he is, 63 years old and will be the USAs' oldest captain. And I know they say age is just a number but with the way the tournament is played at nowadays I'm not too sure if he can with-stand the pace.
Although he does have experience on his side. As did Davis Love 111 but of course he falterd at the fininshing line albeit to an exquisite comeback by Team Europe. Watson with the age barrier between himself and the players might have trouble gelling the team together in wake of the coming 2014 Ryder Cup. Although he does bring more Leadership and Inspiration qualities to the table than Davis.

In light of the recent occurance of events, it has sparked a bit of a Twitter frenzy,
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Keegan Bradley has come out and said,
"All this Ryder Cup talk is getting me excited. Can we play now??!!!! "

Then, the Number 1 player in the world Rory McIlroy responded,
"You wanna get beaten again already!?"
 There seems to be a very healthy competitive edge to these already successful young players careers. And this will only get stronger coming closer to due date.

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