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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day


The Pick Of The Day today comes from the wonderful world of Football. 
Soccer for you American folk. 

Let's get right into it. 
The second most contested trophy in South American football (The Copa Sudamericana) was won by Sao Paulo. And here's you thinking "What's so special about that, they are a quality side" and my answer, Let me finish.

The opposing team Tigre "lost" this final in rather unusual circumstances if you are accustomed to following the EPL. The team refused to take their place on the pitch for the second half following scuffles between players as they were walking to their dressing room for the half-time break.
Harmless enough one may think, But the real news is of what took place during the half-time interval.

The players of Tigre claimed that they were "Beaten" by security officials and had guns pointed towards them by these security officials for all the wrong reason's. Not to protect, but to harm. As a threat.
Player Sergio Massa,

"When we went into the dressing room after the first half, there were 15 security people they began to hit us."

Tigre coach Nestor Gorosito said,

"During the break, A big guy came in with a gun"
Not a situation that professional footballers should ever be in. As a result of not being willing to play the second half, Tigre gave the game to Sao Paulo (Being already 2-0 down) And Sao Paulo accepted the trophy in a formal presentation as always.

This recent event has sparked a MASSIVE debate whether the safety of the players can be controlled when the 2014 World Cup comes to Brazil as the South American does have a reputation of violence within the fan bases'.

A funny course of events but serious nonetheless.
Stay Golden, 

All share's are duly noted and Appreciated. 

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