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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blast From The Past:

Starting today, Every Sunday here at It's There To Be Hit will be Posting a,

"Blast From The Past"

This will be a post regarding a moment that has left an impact in Irish football and possibly our country. Firstly, To start it off we will be telling you about  one of the defining moments from the glorious career of a Mr. Ray Houghtan,

'Who put the ball in the English net?'

Ray Houghton, Ireland v England, Stuttgart, 1988
It was Ireland's first ever match at a major tournament and of course, it was against the old enemy, England. Lucky, Fortunate, Written in the Stars, call it what you want but Ray Houghton's looping header into the far corner of the net was a thing of beauty for every Irish supporter.

Ireland were expected to take a battering from an English side that would put today's to shame. Lineker, Barnes, Robson and Beardsley were all on the field that day and they probably deserved to win having dominated the game but the luckily for the Irish it still ended 1-0 with Houghton's early goal.

Given the nature of the opposition and the fact that the win was probably the beginning of Irish soccer means that this game will always live in the memory of all who watch, play, or think about Irish football. 

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Written predominantly by Jack Flynn Irish football fanatic.

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