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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pick Of The Day: Every Day

As some of you may have known, in the morning the Club World Cup took place in Japan.
It was played between European side Chelsea and South American side Cortinthians.

Corinthians took the Club World Cup trophy beating Chelsea 1-0

The Club World Cup has now been won by Corinthians twice, 12 years after their maiden victory in Brazil in the year 2000. Corinthians finished strongly and didn't tire to the extent that we all imagined,  finishing a long league season with over 38 games.

The game itself was a very patient and neither wated to give the other too much space to manouver,howver it did open up nicely in the second half. With flashes of briliance from both sides but the finishing was not up to the standerd of the sides' usual level. Chances were created by long'ish period's of passing and build up play.

Chelsea were dominated down the right hand side with Emerson really doing some nice 1-2's with Danilo to get around Ivanovic and make some good field position to cross the ball into the goal scorer Guerrero (70 mins). And that's what made it happen.

Emerson cut inside after some favourable bounces of the ball, took a shot which was deflected up by Cahill and Guerrero was quickest to react heading the ball into the back ouf the net from 5 yards out.

Fernando Torres, the clinical top form Spanish striker had the ball fall to his feet 8 yards out with the goal keeper to beat who was just off his line and suprisingly enough failed to finish it in the 86th minute. Shocked aren't you.

This marks the full revival of Corinthians, now the richest club in Brazil who have come back from relagation in 2007. To reach the levels they hoped of re-achieving.

For you who dont know, Corinthians have had some of the world's top players come through the club.
Players like Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rivaldo, and Deco to name but a few.

The winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze ball's were;
Bronze - Goal scorer Guerrero
Silver - David Luiz
Gold - Goal keeper and saviour Cassio

It seemed to me that the Chelsea players didn't care at all as much as the Corinhians' while the match was being played. But once the final whistle blew it showed us that the brazilian players like Luiz couldn't have wanted it more. As he broke into a waterfall of tears just minutes after the final whistle.

It was decided by the referee to really halt any chance Chelsea had to win by sending off Gary Cahill for an off the ball incident that left the viewers and commentators shocked. As the referee was so lenient for the whole game before leading up to this. This happend just minutes after Torres' goal was disallowed due to an off-side.

Corinthians now join Barcalona of Spain to be the only two to have won the trophy on two seperate occasions.

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